Compliance with NCAA

The University of Nebraska Athletic Department considers full compliance with NCAA rules an imperative and encourages alumni and other boosters to assist in that effort by becoming cognizant of the rules and refraining from any activity that would jeopardize the University’s status and eligibility to participate in intercollegiate sports governed by the NCAA. Questions concerning compliance issues should be directed to Laure Ragoss, the Associate Athletic Director of Compliance:

Phone Number:  (402) 472-2042

Email:  [email protected]

Twitter:  @NUCompliance


• Booster: The NCAA broadly defines a “booster” as an individual, agency, entity or organization who is known by an institution to: Have participated in or been a member of an agency that promotes the institution’s intercollegiate athletics program.

o You only need to meet one requirement to be a booster

o You retain the booster designation for life

• The Athletic office looks at everyone as a booster

• Prospective Student-Athlete: is any student enrolled who is in the ninth grade until they enroll in a four year college

• Pre-existing relationship: any relationship started prior to the ninth grade

o Must keep your relationship at the same level when they become a prospective student athlete.

• You can provide meals for current student-athletes

o The meal can’t be in a restaurant. The meal may be catered.

o The Compliance Office needs to be aware of these meals.

Every one should review the following guidelines:

Top 10 Compliance Principles for Boosters and Alumni

Booster Do’s and Don’ts

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