Memberships Extended by one year

In August of years past the Chapter has launched an annual membership campaign asking current members to renew their membership by paying annual dues for the upcoming year and encouraging non-members to join our ranks by doing likewise. 2020 has been a year unlike those that came before. Because of the Corona Virus Pandemic virtually all Chapter activities were canceled. The upside of this is that Chapter expenditures were simultaneously minimized and as a result we will end the current year in a strong financial posture. The Chapter Board recognizes that all our members have been adversely affected to some degree by the pandemic. Given those circumstances it seems unnecessary and inappropriate to conduct a membership renewal campaign this year. Instead the Board has voted to extend the membership expiration date of all current members by one year as a clear example of Husker solidarity in difficult times. This will be done automatically without a need for any further action by the current membership. Everyone is encouraged to continue monitoring the Chapter website found at to remain informed of plans to renew activities as the pandemic comes to an end. When that occurs, we trust that current members will rejoin us by participating in Chapter activities with renewed vigor and that current non-members will come off the sidelines and join their fellow Huskers as dues paying members.